As a Global Catholic Prayer Mission, we aim to promote regular praying habits among Catholics worldwide. To achieve this, we are actively collaborating with Catholic dioceses, parishes, media partners, and Catholic families from around the globe to create a comprehensive digital catalogue of all Catholic Prayers in various languages.We believe that through our global evangelization efforts, we can help all Catholics worldwide to grow more in their faith and preserve our Catholic prayers and values for future generations.

Let's Unite the World Through Prayers!

Our Objectives

Holy Mass Mission

To televise and broadcast Daily Holy Mass in 10+ Languages to help elderly and physically impaired individuals to experience the blessings of Holy Eucharist through spiritual Holy Communion.

Holy Rosary Mission

Share virtual Holy Rosaries in 50+ languages and promote daily praying of Holy Rosary across the globe.

Catholic Evangelization Mission

Develop a digital catalogue of all traditional Catholic prayers and enhance daily praying habits among Catholics worldwide.

Catholic Catechism Mission

Develop an interactive E-learning modules and digital platforms to assist the Catholic Church in imparting Catechism to Catholic Children worldwide and thus, preserve our faith for generations to come.

Our Projects

Catholic Prayer Channels

14 + Catholic Prayer Channels

24 x 7 Live Prayer Rooms

Available in 12+ Languages

Catholic Prayer App

6000 + Daily Catholic Prayers

Digital Prayer Books

Developing in 50 +Languages

Catholic Prayer App for Children

Catechism App for Children

Helps Early Faith Formation

Developing in 10+ Languages

Catholic TV App

Daily Catholic Prayers

Live Church Services & Retreats

Developing in 10+ Languages

Catholic Prayer App for Daily Prayers

Little Goodness

Prayer World


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Grow in Faith,

Grow in Jesus

The Catholic App for Kids

Little Goodness Kids

Developing in 10+ Languages

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Support Our Mission

Embarking on a global Catholic prayer mission in multiple languages involves substantial financial costs involving production, licensing, digital streaming, staff remuneration, and marketing expenses. We extend our heartfelt invitation to all of you to join hands with our Mission, allowing us to proclaim the Catholic Faith to the ends of the World.

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Join us on our Mission to bring Goodness into the World through our Global Catholic Evangelization Mission. Together, we can impact people's lives and preserve our Catholic Faith for generations to come!

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Helps you access all contents and features of the 'Little Goodness Prayer World' App and our upcoming Apps for the period of your support.

Helps us fund Our Catholic Prayer Mission, including the televising of the Daily Holy Mass in various languages, YouTube Channel management, App development, production costs, licensing fee and digital distribution of contents.

Helps us to support Catholic Charities and Missions worldwide.

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Join us in our Global Catholic Evangelization Mission and receive support for your community's fundraising initiatives.

  • We share a portion of the subscription proceeds on our website to assist Catholic Charities and Fundraising campaigns worldwide.
  • You can participate in our 'Catholic Fellowship' program from anywhere worldwide.
  • Catholic Churches, Charity Organizations, Schools, Colleges, Missions, and Prayer Ministries are eligible to participate in our Fellowship program.
  • You can register with us to obtain a unique 'Referral Code' and offer special discounts to your community members, supporting the Little Goodness Prayer Mission. In return, we will assist your community's fundraising efforts.

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"Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Matthew 5:16

At Little Goodness, we are working towards bringing positive and lasting change in people's lives worldwide through Catholic Prayers and faith-based practices of Love and Charity. Hence, a portion of all our revenues through your subscriptions would be set aside for supporting various Catholic charities, missions, ministries and other humanitarian organizations worldwide. We will continue working with more charities and foundations worldwide to reach more people in need and fulfill our Mission of sharing the 'Goodness' with the World around us.

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Our Intercession Team is here to pray for you.

Lord, we pray for those who have suffered harm from members of the Church. In your great mercy, deliver them from shame, confusion, and fear. Grant them justice for their cause and the grace to forgive those who hurt them. May Your Holy Spirit comfort their troubled hearts, heal their inner wounds and restore peace. Amen.

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      “Inspired by the life stories of many Catholic Saints, I presumed the Holy Mother of Jesus as my Spiritual Mother since the age of seven. My Life has been a journey alongside the Holy Mother! “

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