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John Jofin and Simmy Jofin, a devoted Catholic couple from the Archdiocese of Edmonton, Canada, founded the Little Goodness Prayer Mission in 2020 and later renamed as Santo Catholic Mission in 2024. They have a solid commitment to the Catholic Church that was nurtured during childhood in their hometown of Mundamveli in Cochin, Kerala- India. Growing up in a close-knit Catholic community with similar family backgrounds enabled them to learn and practice the same prayers and religious practices from an early age. Attending daily Holy Mass, weekly Eucharistic Adoration at their native parish, and reciting the Holy Rosary during family prayers have been essential to their faith life since childhood.

They established the Santo Catholic Mission with a vision to nourish Catholics spiritually by bringing the power of everyday prayers to the different corners of the World in as many languages as possible. With this mission, they aim to bring people closer to Jesus by offering a platform that helps them reflect on their faith and grow in holiness through prayers. While committed to bringing more souls closer to Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother, our mission also aims to support Catholic Charities and Missions worldwide to ensure sustainable growth of the Catholic Faith across the Globe for generations to come.

Get Ready to Touch the World

Our Founder's Faith Journey & The Story of Santo Catholic Mission

My Catholic Life – The Foundation

Growing up in a devoted Catholic Family in my hometown in India was a unique and enriching experience

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Infant Jesus – My First Friend

I'm thankful for having such a close relationship with Infant Jesus, and for all the unconditional love He has given me throughout my Life.

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Holy Mother & Me – The Beginning

From that day onwards, I began my spiritual journey alongside the Holy Mother

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St. Joseph – My Patron of Life

I was always happy to have entrusted all my ventures and dreams to the special patronage of St. Joseph, the protector of the Holy Family and Catholic Church

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Holy Rosary – My Source of Courage

I try to pray the Rosary as many times as possible, as it gives me immense courage to face any challenges each day brings

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Holy Mass – My Energy Booster

Each Holy Mass offers me a great level of energy to withstand all challenges in my life

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Catholic Saints – My Invisible Fireflies

I was always inspired by the life stories of Catholic Saints who guided me in my spiritual journey

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Donkey of Jesus – My Dream of Life

No matter what others may say about you or how abandoned and rejected you may feel, God still needs you

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Legion of Mary – The Marian Army

It is an experience that I will always cherish as Legion of Mary has planted the foundation for my own Faith and devotion to the Holy Mother

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Jesus Youth Ministry – My Friends in Christ

My spiritual Life as a teenager took an abounding turn when I joined the Jesus Youth Ministry in my first year of college in Cochin, India

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Four Dreams - My Divine Call

“I was thrilled that the Holy Mother has chosen me for this Big Mission for Her beloved Son”

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Santo Catholic Mission – My Mission for the Holy Mother

“Get Ready to Touch the World.”

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Holy Mother
& Me

“Inspired by the life stories of many Catholic Saints, I presumed the Holy Mother of Jesus as my Spiritual Mother since the age of seven. My Life has been a journey alongside the Holy Mother! “

John JofinCPA, CGA, ACCA, MBA, M. Com, B.Com
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