Catholic Catechism Mission

As more and more children grow up without forming meaningful relationships with their faith, we must take action to bring our youth back into faith. Through targeted initiatives that empower parents, educators, and spiritual leaders to provide meaningful faith formation from an early age, we can ensure that our young Catholics grow up with a strong and lasting foundation in their faith. Now more than ever, it is essential to foster a loving and compassionate environment for our youth to learn about the Catholic faith so they may experience the joy of a life dedicated to God’s service. Let us join in this Mission of goodness to bring our young Catholics closer to God and the Church. Let us ensure that this generation will be fully equipped with the knowledge, understanding, and dedication necessary for a life of faith!

Santo Kids

The Catholic App for Kids

Our team is currently developing an interactive Catholic App for Kids intending to help children learn about the Catholic faith and explore the core teachings of the Catholic Church in a fun and interactive way. This will be an interactive Kid's App with essential Catholic prayers, illustrative E-learning modules for imparting the Catholic Catechism to Children, and preparatory courses to receive the Holy Sacraments more effectively. In addition, it will feature animated stories on the lives of Catholic Saints, Bible Stories, Quizzes, and other faith-based programs and games for kids. It will be available in more than ten languages to ensure effective early childhood faith formation for young Catholic children globally.


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The Catholic App for Kids

Santo Kids

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App Features & Programs

Helps early childhood faith formation.

Encourages daily praying habits in kids.

Easy to follow illustrative e- learning modules.

Catechism modules for pre- school to grade 6.

Collection of moral stories and games.

Entirely based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Highlights of Our App

Everyday Catholic Prayers for Kids

Preparation for Confession and Holy Communion

Catholic Catechism for Kids

Bible Stories for Kids

Catholic Saint Stories for Kids

Faith- based Programs & Games for Kids

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