Little Goodness Prayer Mission

Little Goodness Prayer World is a Catholic prayer and meditation App being developed to share a digital catalogue of daily Catholic prayers and meditations in various languages to reach the ends of the globe.

To accomplish our mission, we associate with Catholic Clergies and Evangelization ministries worldwide to create, license and distribute Catholic prayers and meditations through our App. Our mission aims to get the digital catalogue of all traditional Catholic prayers completed in over 50 languages by 2025. Moreover, we would also like to develop an E-Learning module with Catholic Dioceses worldwide to impart Catholic Catechism to Kids in different languages. We hope our evangelization efforts through Little Goodness Prayer World will help most of the Catholic population across 150+ countries to access and share traditional Catholic prayers and Catholic Catechism modules for generations to come.

Let’s Unite the World Through Prayers!

Our Objectives

Holy Mass

Work with Catholic media networks to bring the blessings of the Holy Eucharist to elderly and physically impaired individuals through spiritual Holy Communion.

Prayer Mission

Develop a digital catalogue of all traditional Catholic prayers and enhance daily praying habits among Catholics worldwide.

Catechism Mission

Develop an E-learning platform for imparting Catholic Catechism to kids from Pre School to Grade 6 by 2024.

Little Goodness
Charity Mission

Provide financial aid to Charities and Missions established to serve underprivileged communities worldwide.

Holy Rosary

Aim to share Holy Rosaries in over 50 languages by 2024!

Holy Bible

Work with Catholic Bible Ministries to spread the Holy Scriptures Worldwide.

Catholic Music

Collaborate with Catholic music bands in creating and promoting Christian music in different languages.

Catholic Evangelization Mission

Support the Catholic Church's efforts in global Catholic evangelization.

We need Your Support!

Coordinating a Global Catholic Mission like Little Goodness by developing a World- Class Mobile App and creating, licensing and distributing Catholic Media content in over 50 languages has been a significant financial challenge for our team. Moreover, our founding team has faced significant challenges in raising operational funding from private and government-led financial institutions due to our operation's specific nature, which involves 'Catholic' media content creation and distribution. Hence, we would like to reach out to you to seek support for our Mission and help us move forward with our Global Catholic Evangelization Mission through 'Little Goodness Prayer World'. We intend to utilize your contributions to facilitate the creation, licensing and digital distribution of more advanced Catholic Media content and promote the Catholic Faith across the globe by joining hands with Catholic Ministries Worldwide. One of the primary objectives of our fundraising efforts would be to partner with Worldwide Catholic Dioceses and Schoolboards in developing modern media resources for effectively imparting Catholic Catechism to Kids across the Globe and thus preserving the Catholic Faith for future generations.

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You can download our App from Google Android and Apple IOS App stores.

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  • It lets you access all contents and premium features in the ‘Little Goodness Prayer World’ App.
  • Help us to create a digital Catalogue of all Catholic Prayers and Inspirational contents in over 50 languages.
  • Help us to fund our upcoming Catholic Catechism App ‘Little Goodness – Kids’ in 10 + languages.
  • Help us to support Catholic Ministries and Missions worldwide.

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Grow With Us

We aim to integrate an E-commerce platform within our App to help Catholic Family Business Owners and small businesses across the globe to trade their Catholic Goods, gift items, Rosary Beads, and other Catholic articles to reach potential consumers span all over the World. We believe these associations will help us ensure a sustainable growth opportunity for small businesses worldwide specializing in catholic goods and gift articles.

Distribute With Us

We would love to work with Catholic Media Partners worldwide in licensing and digitally distributing Catholic Media Content to reach the ends of the World. Youtubers and other Social Media Influencers with key interest in Catholic evangelization can also join hands with Us. Let’s unite the World through Prayers and save the souls for the Holy Mother and her Beloved Son, Jesus.

Affiliate With Us

Join 'Little Goodness Affiliate Program,' share our App with your community and accomplish your fundraising goals. Through this program, we aim to extend our financial support to All Catholic Ministries and Charity organizations. Social Media Influencers and Creative Partners can also participate in this program to help us in our Mission and support our Global catholic Evangelization efforts through Little Goodness.

Create With Us

As a Global Catholic Prayer Mission, we invite every Catholic to join us in our mission of creating Catholic Prayers and Media Content in every language of the World.

Advertise With Us

You can advertise your Brand and Business through our In-App Ads and 'Ad- Centre' to reach potential global audiences.

Little Goodness Affiliate Programme

Through Little Goodness Affiliate Programme, we facilitate an opportunity for Catholic Charities and Organizations worldwide to join hands with our mission and get support for their Charity fundraising initiatives.

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Charities We Support

At Little Goodness, we are committed to creating a better world through Catholic Charity and other humanitarian foundations worldwide. We strive to bring positive change in people's lives by leveraging the resources available to us on our platform. A portion of all our subscription revenue from the App is set aside for funding various Charity initiatives around the globe. We will continue working together with these organizations and others so that their good works can reach more people in need. We also invite Catholic Dioceses, Parishes, School Boards, and other Charity Organizations and Institutions to join us in our mission. Let's create a positive change through Catholic Charities and other humanitarian foundations worldwide!

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