Bringing Faith
To Everyone!

As a Global Catholic Mission, we aim to unite the world through daily prayers, promote faith practices, and preserve Catholic values for future generations.


Our Projects

Santo Catholic App

A comprehensive mobile platform with an extensive library of Daily Catholic prayers, meditations, reflections, spiritual podcasts and faith testimonials from around the globe.

  • Daily
    Catholic Prayers
  • Holy Bible
  • Daily
    Bible Readings
  • Real-Life
    Faith Testimonials 
  • Available in
    10+ Languages
  • Developing in
    50+ Languages

Santo Kids App

A dedicated digital space for Catholic children to receive faith-based training and resources tailored to their developmental needs.

  • Catechism
    App for Children
  • Illustrative
    E- Learning 
  • Faith based
    Programs for Kids
  • Helps Early
    faith formation 
  • According to
    Catholic Teachings
  • Developing in
    10+ Languages

Santo Rosary Mission

Our mission focuses on encouraging the World to pray the Holy Rosary Every day!

  • 10,000 + Daily
    Holy Rosary Videos
  • Shared across 10 +
    YouTube Channels 
  • 12 Million +
    Holy Rosary Prayed
  • Reached
    over 100 countries 
  • Available in
    10+ Languages
  • Developing in
    10+ Languages

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Join us on our Mission to bring Goodness into the World through our Global Catholic Evangelization Mission. Together, we can impact people's lives and preserve our Catholic Faith for generations to come!

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