Santo Mission

Santo Mission

Our Mission

We are a Global Catholic Prayer Mission, aimed to promote regular praying habits among Catholics worldwide. To achieve this, we are actively collaborating with Catholic dioceses, parishes, media partners, and Catholic families from around the globe to create a comprehensive digital catalogue of all Catholic Prayers in various languages.We believe that through our global evangelization efforts, we can help all Catholics worldwide to grow more in their faith and preserve our Catholic prayers and values for future generations.

Let's Unite the World Through Prayers!

Our Founder’s Faith Story 

"I was born and raised in a poor Catholic Family in India. Since my parents had no formal education, I had no one to teach me at home. At the age of Seven, when I realized that my dream of ‘higher education’ would never come true, I knelt down before the portrait of the Holy Mother and Infant Jesus with a Holy Rosary held on to my chest and cried out to them for help. I asked my best friend, Jesus, to lend His Mom to help me with my studies, and in return, I promised that, “I will tell everyone about You wherever I go.” Since that day, I have been presuming the Holy Mother as my own Mother. She is my mentor and spiritual guide. Hence, I work over 16 hours every single day for the 'Santo Catholic Mission' to fulfill my promise to my beloved Jesus and Holy Mother to proclaim the Faith to the ends of the World."
John Jofin CPA, CGA, ACCA, MBA, Mcom, Bcom

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